What if the iPad Pro and the 12″ MacBook Air are one and the same…

For months now there have been stacks of rumours flying around about the 12″ iPad Pro and the new MacBook Air 12″. But nowhere have I seen anyone discussing the possibility of them being the same device.

Now, Apple have often talked about the approach Microsoft has taken as being a compromised experience, but in my view this has been mainly down to the software.

So what if with the Air/Pro when connected to the keyboard it’s the 12″ MacBook Air running OSX and when you disconnect the screen it becomes the 12″ iPad Pro running IOS. What if the two rumours are in fact about the same device.

Just a thought…


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Some people call me an innovation evangelist. I simply see myself as being someone who, whilst not knowing what the future of all things look like, enjoys thinking about and sharing my thoughts with others.

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