What happens when health insurance companies start paying more attention to the connected world…

watchWhen the initial screens of the then speculated health app from apple surfaced I found myself rattling through all of the possible uses for such a wealth of information. Doctors, personal trainers, life coaches… this thing could be awesome. But then again, life insurance companies, health care companies. What might they want to use this for?

I mean we already have healthcare plans based on how often you go to the gym. Car insurance based on how well you drive, so it’s not that much of a leap to think that they could soon start basing the cost of your life policy on your calorie intake, blood sugar, hydration etc…

Imagine the following scenario in a connected world:

Jill has a health insurance policy, her smart watch tells her how much she pays a day. So lets say that she pays £1. By using all of the sensors in her smart devices be they watches, hearables, smart soles, fitbit, et al both Jill and her insurance company can monitor the condition of her body at any given time.

When Jill is being good, doing a lot of exercise and eating sensibly the £1 a day can drop to as low as 50p. She can see this in real time and the data is sent back to the insurance company. However, if she’s on holiday or fancies a real treat, she may eat a lot more, have a few drinks perhaps. Her calorie intake is much higher so she may then see that she will pay £2 for that day, but is able to offset that by going to the gym in the evening. If Jill lingers outside a fast food restaurant for too long she gets an alert (via iBeacon for example) to tell her that a meal there might push her up to £3 for that day, or maybe just suggest the healthiest option.

Now this could be a win, win. Jill might love this as it gives her more control and helps her stay on track. It encourages her to eat well and she can control her budget. The Insurance company because it gives them real time updates on the health of their customers and adjust their premium accordingly.

Samaritan on the other hand…well that’s anyone’s guess.


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Some people call me an innovation evangelist. I simply see myself as being someone who, whilst not knowing what the future of all things look like, enjoys thinking about and sharing my thoughts with others.

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