Individuality in Gadgets

The Verge has just posted a video titled ‘The work of art in the age of gadgets, 257 gadgets in 3 minutes.

It’s a great video, but be warned, there is a lot of zooming in going on here.

Anyways, the title got me thinking, who makes those leaps now, who is brave enough to really go out there and try something different these days in terms of how a product/gadget looks. Who are the artists?

It feels as if everybody is watching everyone else and iterating based on what they see. Hey, we’re samsung and we have a phone with a curve down one side. Well, we’re LG and we have 2!

Laptops look like they are all designed at 1 Infinite Loop these days, the same with tablets. Phones all now have the standard ‘Gold’ colour option.

We have the ideas and some have been astounding. So why don’t we differentiate more? Do we want to?

I often refer to Zag by Marty Neumeier. The book referenced a change in the way we perceived ourselves when it came to buying branded products. The view is that we no longer want to be seen as individuals, we want to buy into a kind of social network, rub shoulders with celebs even. ‘Hey! David Beckham has a gold iPhone…so do I. Boy does that make me feel great! I’m that much closer to him now’.

The view was that your purchase was more about being part of a herd than standing out or trying to be yourself.

Seeing this years CES I can’t help but feel that companies are still in that place.

I’ll finish as I started though…great video.



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Some people call me an innovation evangelist. I simply see myself as being someone who, whilst not knowing what the future of all things look like, enjoys thinking about and sharing my thoughts with others.

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