Connected washing machines…


Finally manufacturers are waking up to the idea of truly networking appliances. In this case washing machines (Well done Whirlpool/Nest). A good start but it got me thinking about my washer dryer that broke down a few months back. Why does this still happen? It knows if it develops a fault, so why not have it connected in such a way that if it picks up a fault it pings a notification to the manufacturer, a part is then ordered and I get an email/txt to tell me that a fault has been detected and an engineer will be around next week to replace the part.  All of this before it stops working.

I am a satisfied customer with a great feeling about the company and believe that they look after me. Job done.

I did reach out to the head of innovation at AEG with this idea…still waiting. Samsung maybe…


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Some people call me an innovation evangelist. I simply see myself as being someone who, whilst not knowing what the future of all things look like, enjoys thinking about and sharing my thoughts with others.

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